What we do and how we do it

Nowadays, we are surrounded by many technical miracles and science is researching phenomena at the other end of the Universe. However, diabetes, allergies and heart and lung diseases are reaching epidemic proportions and current medicine is failing. Here, not at the other end of the Universe.

Let us look at our organism from a different angle. We originate at the moment when the DNA of our father and  mother combine and our own DNA is created. In this DNA there is encoded information for our further development. An embryonic cell starts to multiply by division and we are complete at the moment when the number of cells reaches number 1014.    

We get our life energy from small powerhouses – mitochondria. In each cell there are from several hundreds to a thousand of them and each of these powerhouses has 17 000 workstations that produce our fuel, a compound ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).

There are sixty thousand kilometres of pipes (arteries, veins, capillaries) in our body and 40 thousand various substances run through them. Apart from that, microorganisms reside on us and inside of us. There are various estimates regarding their numbers, you can find information stating that for each cell there is one small symbiont and another stating that there are ten times more of them than the amount of our own cells. In addition to that there are also viruses and because they are very small there are no exact estimates of their numbers.  

This enormously complex system functions well and it is able to deal with many difficulties.  It is because in our DNA there is information about issues that our ancestors encountered and thanks to that our immune system can protect us. However, nowadays we are encountering issues that are new.

We are immersed in a field of hard radio waves (mobile phone signal, over-the-air TV broadcast, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) we eat industrially prepared “plastic” food that doesn’t have any nutritional value, there are antibiotics and hormonal contraception in water and there are plastic microparticles (for example from worn out tyres) all around us – in the air, water end even food.

Our body’s defence mechanism does not allow our DNA to be put in danger; it means that it can recognize foreign DNA (mainly in food) and is able to deal with it. Nevertheless, overbred and genetically modified plants and animals are a mystery to it which causes chaos for our immune system. Our immune system then can attack its own cells and controlling systems which can lead to autoimmune diseases (diabetes, allergies and many others)   

When we were developing Divine Way products we took into account findings of contemporary science but they did not help us find solutions.  Ing.Trávníček , who had been studying this, found functional techniques of analysis of energy (Eastern Medicine) and information (homeopathy).

His findings were used for the development of products of our company. Products Divine Way are in no way medicines or homeopathics. You can view them as a set of instructions (a textbook) that show controlling systems of the body how to solve a particular problem.

The biggest problem is food and that is why we have developed a food supplement Digestio that shows the organism a way how its digestive tract needs to function in our current environment. The organism would be able to adapt even without this product but it would take it approximately two thousand years.

We have tested Digestio on ourselves and other people with great results. Of course, if somebody’s health is severely weakened there is no guarantee how quickly and if at all Digesto will be effective and if this person will be required to take it for a long period of time.

Our products are effective but their good results also need to be supported by changes in your eating habits. It is also necessary to learn what good practising physicians found out and what they recommend.

One of the best physicians is a medical doctor Mark Hyman. Read his book Blood sugar solution. This book also contains cooking recipes but you need to be careful when following these recipes.  The author uses ingredients that are available in the USA markets and these are different from ours.

You will also come across a significant finding in the book: food carries information and if this information is not of a good quality it is harmful.

We produce all of our Divine Way products ourselves, in the Czech Republic, using a very special technology that was developed by Ing. Vladislav Trávníček.