When my quadriceps injury returned and I had to end 2014 season, Mr. Bednařík from Divine Way contacted me with an offer of a special treatment. I accepted his help. His therapy has helped me a lot and I can race again.

The therapy has helped me get back in shape and my performance is improving. I highly recommend this Divine Way method to everybody not only in case of an injury but above all as effective prevention that leads to improvement of sport performance.

Pavel Maslák, sprinter – European Indoor Champion 2015 (400m), – European Indoor Champion 2014 (400m)

Jiří Mužík, olympionik, klient Divine WayJiří Mužík: The therapy has helped me! Nature is so powerful!

I was doing sports at top level when I injured myself all of a sudden. I injured my knee. It was my very first injury and it was quite serious. In addition to that I also had problems with my Achilles tendon. This completely knocked me out of doing top level athletics. Tinctures from Divine Way helped me with both of my issues. I found out how powerful herbs and nature are. Even though I will not be able to win the Olympics anymore, I feel well, healthy and in good shape now. – Jiří Mužík, Olympian, Champion of the Czech Republic and Europe in athletics, 400m hurdles

Martin Pešík, šéf-dirigent ZČOMy pain just went away

I started to suffer from pain in my shoulder joint. My pain was increasing and it started to limit my movement. This is a tragedy for a music conductor. I tried your product Condylos and results were surprisingly fast, my pain just went away. I can recommend this product to everybody who suffers from joint issues. – Martin Peschík, music director and conductor – West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Marianske Lazne

CarT mi pomohl s karpálním tunelemMy backpain subsided

I would like to share my experience with two products of Divine Way Company. My son noticed my health problems during his visit and got really upset because I had not told him about them. He recommended me two products.

They are a herbal spray for back pain and a herbal cream for carpal tunnels. Sometimes I suffer from pain in my lower back and after I started using Spina spray, my pain went gradually away. My other big problem is carpal tunnel in my right hand with reduced sensation in my palm and fingers.  Already after one week my sensation improved a lot and the unpleasant numbness went away. I am happy that I have these products because they have helped me. – Alena, satisfied customer, young retiree, happy mother

Jana Tůmová o Divine WayI was pleasantly surprised with quick effect

Good evening, I tried Spina spray that you gave me and I am really surprised how it works. I have used it for my painful back and knees; I used it once and it was enough to help me get rid of the pain. I can now walk without any limitations.  I wrote to my clients about your products and recommended them. Good luck! – Jana Tůmová, therapist, Hořice, www.jana-tumova.cz

Jarmila švadlenková o Divine WayAlready the second day without pain

I applied Spina on my back, which was painful mainly in the area of my chest, every day. I woke up the second day without pain! Getting up in the morning is easy again! Thank you! – Jarmila Švadlenková, enterpreneur, www.darzprirody.cz

Iveta Topolánková o Divine WayMy pain was gone in 2 minutes

After three days of giving massages at an endurance race, my ankles and wrists were painful to the point that I was not able to stand or move my arms. I applied Tendo cream on my ankles and wrists, my pain was gone in 2 minutes and I was able to continue to work. – Iveta Topolánková, physiotherapist

 Terapie Divine Way mi umožnila opět chodit mezi lidi! Terapie Divine Way mi umožnila opět chodit mezi lidi! Terapie Divine Way mi umožnila opět chodit mezi lidi! Terapie Divine Way mi umožnila opět chodit mezi lidi!

Divine Way therapy has enabled me to socialize again!

Divine Way therapy has enabled me to socialize again! It is very important for me because I am a member of a music choir. For a long time I suffered from really unpleasant skin rashes and I don’t have them anymore!

You can best see the results in photos before and after the therapy. My illness started, as I learned, because of my immune system overload as a consequence of overgrowth of microorganisms. They got into my organism because of a blocked ventilation system in our house.

Bacteria had enough time to multiply in my body because the building authority at the place where I live is corrupted and it did not follow legal procedures. My immune system was constantly being overloaded and it showed on my skin first.

When I got sick, nobody was able to help me. I found out that my internal organs had been severely affected and that my skin problems had just been the tip of the iceberg. In spite of the fact that I still live in the toxic environment Divine Way Company has been able to help me with my problem.

Because I am still in dispute with the building authority, I wish to remain anonymous for now. – A happy customer, flautist

My hands healed in few days

I became ill with uncomfortable skin disorder on the palms of my hands and I was not able to find cure for a long time, nothing worked. I tried a product from your company – Repostor and the result surprised me, my hands healed in few days. Thank you. – Václav Markl, Marianske Lazne 

After application the persistent pain is gone

I am 72 and I have arthrosis in my knee joints. My pain is strong, I almost can’t walk. After I apply Condylos this persistent pain yields and I am able to walk for the rest of the day. – František, Havlíčkův Brod

Already after 14 days I was without pain

Hi, I would like to thank you for your ointment  – cream Repostor, which has helped me a lot with my seemingly incurable strong pain in my right hand from the wrist to  the elbow, my hip and lower back.

I had a bad fall and landed on the right side of my body. It was followed by severe swelling, bruising of my palm and persisting tendon cramps from my hand to the elbow. My elbow hurt too. At the same time my hip was painful and also my spine in the lumbar region.

Medical treatment followed by physiotherapy did not help me much and that is why I want to highly recommend Repostor cream that assisted with my healing. Already the third day. Every day use enhanced gradual and at the end complete relief. I was pain free already after 14 days. I kept applying the cream a week after my pain was gone.

I have been at work for 14 days now and I am pain free. Thank you very much for help that you provided me with. – Sincerely, A. Milotova 

There is hope and muscular dystrophy of my son is disappearing

My son had muscular dystrophy. He could not move and his body was in pain. He started to have problems with walking, he had to use his hands and lean against his thighs to stand up etc. His medical diagnosis was: Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy, exons 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 are missing.

Now, after many months of Divine Way therapy, I can see that his walking has improved; he has got faster and starts to run. He does not complain of pain in his legs anymore. His wetting has also improved; he goes to the toilet every morning after he wakes up. Otherwise I would say that he is generally doing well and he is a happy child. – A happy mum who wants to stay anonymous until her son’s complete recovery.

After approximately two weeks of using it (Repostor) the pain in my hip joints in the area of my buttocks have disappeared.  I recommend trying it! – Marie, Ostrava  

I had pain in my right shoulder for months but now the pain has disappeared thanks to herbal spray from Divine Way. – Anna, Přerov  

I can highly recommend Mitigo cream

At the beginning I was quite skeptical regarding Mitigo cream but now after a long- term use I can only highly recommend Mitigo cream.


Let me share with you my personal experience with the cream for sensitive skin “MITIGO“ from the company DIVINE WAY. From my adolescent age I had a problematic, sensitive skin and I was constantly  following recommendations of doctors and cosmeticians,  trying various products including creams, skin tonics and other available medications – but I did not notice any improvements.

“Many” years passed since my adolescent age (I am now  33 ) and I can say that my problem with sensitive skin prone to acne, redness remained the same until I found Divine Way. I tried various products (ointments, creams, etc.) but unfortunately there was no improvement and there was nothing that would work for me and helped me.

It took me a long time to find this amazing skin cream, Mitigo. At the beginning I was skeptical but based on my long-term experience (I have already been using cream Mitigo for more than a year) I can now highly recommend it.

Cream Mitigo does not leave an oily film on your skin (it absorbs in approx. 2 minutes – it of course depends on the quantity of the applied cream – but a small amount is really enough). Now after more than a year of using it I can say that I see the difference – my skin is not irritated (the redness has disappeared including my acne) and it looks healthier, my skin tone is more even – I think that the cream works as a tonic as well. I use the cream even for the area around my eyes – it does not irritate and small wrinkles that I had around my eyes have even started to disappear.

I will remain faithful to DIVINE WAY Company and to cream MITIGO and I am planning to try their other products. – With best regards, Ladislav, happy customer

I recommend Mitigo cream to my friends

I am happy with Mitigo cream and I can only recommend it. It feels very pleasant on my skin; it soothes irritation and unifies skin tone. I have already been recommending it to my friends! – Helena Erdelyiova, entrepreneur, www.minervazdravi.com

I can only recommend Mitigo cream

I can only recommend this cream because all the benefits of this cream outweigh everything. I cannot give it less than the highest bows! – Turquoise, blogger, Turquoise bow of cosmetics

Mitigo cream performed miracles after 3 days

The first thing that caught my attention regarding the cream were its natural ingredients. The manufacturer says that an oily film disappears after few minutes but mine is gone after few seconds. I tried the cream on my skin, specifically on my elbow and it performed miracles after 3-4 days. It is also fantastic for grazes on fingers and dry hands. – Andrea Bone, blogger, Andrea Bone

My skin is in better shape (cream Mitigo)

Already after the first or second use I noticed that my skin was in better shape, spots on my chin and redness had been disappearing even faster, my skin had been more evenly toned. Lately, I have had a chance to compare it with other creams and this one has won the first place. – Sannette, blogger, Sannette, Sannette

It is fantastic that it does not clog the pores at all. (Mitigo cream)

What I really like about the cream is that I can apply it even around the area of the eyes without any risks of irritation which usually happens with all other creams. It is also fantastic that it does not clog the pores and it has a positive effect on problematic skin (I can apply it on my forehead without worrying about new pimples). It has helped me quite a lot with a mild rash on my cheeks. – Magdalena, student, Teensmajdicka, Teensmajdicka

I don’t know how has Condylos managed to do it, but approximately after fourteen days, the pain in my right knee have disappeared, finally. I recommend trying it! – Pavel, Rakovník  

I could not straighten up my lumbar region. I expected Spina to help me in 1-2 days but it helped me immediately. – Jarka, Brno  

I find Spina miraculous; it has helped me to get rid of neck pain within several days. I did not expect that at all. – Naděžda, Praha  

In my age I often suffered from painful gum inflammations.  I was getting ready for a visit to a dentist and I was already saying good bye to my own teeth.  Gingiva surprisingly worked, my gum inflammations are going away and I have postponed my visit to a dentist. – Šlechtová, Western Bohemia