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We have a “pipeline” installed in our bodies that could, after it was unrolled, pass once and a half round the Globe. These are our arteries, veins, capillaries etc. Ten thousands of incredibly complex compounds – body fluids, continuously run through this system. It can happen that our “pipeline” gets clogged or blocked and it causes health problems. These are usually illnesses and chronic health issues that seem impossible to cure.

Already our ancestors who lived in harmony with nature discovered many natural ways (mostly herb based) that can clear disturbances of this flow. We have managed to draw on their experience and develop technologies that are in harmony with nature and can restore this flow in a very natural way. Everything that is harmful to our health is eliminated from the organism and this enables the body to start self-healing processes.

We use gentle handmade processes for all our products made from herbal extracts.  Ing. Vladislav Travnicek – a developer of technologies and manufacturing processes has been studying little known types of energy for a long time. That is why we can process our products in such a unique way that they are effective even when nothing else helped. Our products don’t contain perfume because it is not an ingredient essential for their healing properties.


Technologie Divine WayAdvanced technology Divine Way

An invention of a Czech inventor Karel Drbal inspired us to treat herbal extracts in a new way. In 1949 he designed and patented a small pyramid inside of which razor blades are being sharpened by energy that concentrates there. We got an idea that this energy can have an effect on other objects besides razor blades as well so we tried to charge our ingredients in the pyramid in order to enhance their effect. We started to experiment with different sizes of the pyramid and the end results were fantastic.  We charge our herbs and extracts with a very fine natural energy.

The functioning of the pyramid was based on a placement of a small stand inside of the pyramid and a razor blade on top of the stand. After some time the razor blade was sharpened. In order for this to happen the pyramid had to have specific dimensions. Something very real happened in this paper hollow and a very strong energy field had to take effect there.

The number of the patent record regarding this razor blades sharpening pyramid is 91304 and it was filed for registration by Ing. Karel Drbal 4th November 1949. Currently it is possible to look up this file in the database of Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví on www.upv.cz under the stated number or on our web pages here.

Technologie Divine WayInformation mentioned above not only fascinated us but it also made us think and further conduct experiments focusing on how different dimensions of the pyramid can generate different energy fields. These experiments supported our hypothesis. We were also interested in finding out if other hollow spaces can create power fields, for example a sphere, rectangular, objects with multiple sides etc. Yes, they can. Hundreds of experiments repeatedly supported this hypothesis. Our last task was then to “just” find the right energy that would resonate harmoniously with the herbs and that would be perceived as pleasant by the human organism.

Eventually we found the right shape and size of the hollow in which herbal extracts are charged with a very pleasant energy. Such energy then strengthens the energy of the human field, revitalises cells and regenerates the skin that then looks younger.

Of course, we will not reveal the shape or the dimensions of “our” hollow but we can show you its practical effects in the form of Divine Way Therapy or Divine Way herbal products.



1.    We have been researching the laws of physics of molecular genetics and their use for treatment of incurable illnesses.

2.    We have been working on a detailed description of influences of high-frequency radiation of mobile phones on brain functions which will be followed by a proposal how to adjust the construction of mobile phones in such a way that is not harmful to health.


A note to point 2: According to general claim of scientific authorities and official academic representatives electromagnetic radiation has no harmful effects on our health. However, they used to claim the same thing about smoking and asbestos until they were forced, after many years of fierce fights, to ban them.

Our research shows that high-frequency radiation damages brain functions, disrupts biochemical processes and causes a number of medically unexplained illnesses. Health damage of users doesn’t have to occur in case of usage of mobiles and other devices with adjusted construction. The solution exists. The first step is to admit that construction companies have made a mistake; the second step is to try to find and use the solution.