Aureen – diet promoting easier digestion

Aureen – diet promoting easier digestionAureen diet is a new eating program that eases the work of the digestive system, stimulates cleansing processes of our body and at the same time partly replaces solid food with a natural, nutritious drink that prevents us from feeling hungry.   Aureen diet has been developed by a Czech scientist Ing. Vladislav Trávníček who provided Divine Way Company, which he has been closely cooperating with, with its license.  

A healthy human body has a natural ability to heal and detoxify. Unfortunately, present-day lifestyle with its fast pace, stress, low-quality food, overeating and toxic environment doesn’t make it easier for the body. Current food contains a lot of unnatural substances that are hard to digest so our body has to use more energy, which it is consequently lacking, for its processing.  Aureen diet eases the work of the digestive tract and promotes its rejuvenation.

Aureen – diet promoting easier digestionAfter researching the effects of numerous diets and cleansing and detoxifying programs, Ing. Trávníček discovered that they ultimately put an unnatural strain on the digestive system leading to depletion of physical and energetic reserves.  The end result is then return to the original or many times even worse condition. That is why he has chosen a different approach for Aureen diet.

In order for the organism not to feel at risk and subsequently accumulate reserves, we should eat a varied diet, in reasonable amounts, at least 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can even eat smaller amounts more times a day, depending on our individual constitution.  

With Aureen drink, we replace one main meal of our choice. The digestive tract saves, in this way, energy needed for digestion of solid food. At the same time, Aureen drink will supply us with 248 kcal in a daily dose, so our body will not starve. This diet will enable the organism to relax – food is only liquid and the organism doesn’t have to digest solid food particles.

Instruction for use are easy – we make 200ml of Aureen drink by mixing 50ml of Aureen food supplement with 3 times higher amount of water that is around 40 degrees warm, we stir it well and drink. It is optimal to be on the diet for 5 days and then pause for 2 days.  We repeat this process until we use up the product. We can continue with the diet with a new dose, ideally after a 3-day break. In order for the drink to maintain its energetic characteristics, it is important to never heat up Aureen, water for preparation of the drink or the final drink in a microwave and to keep it at least half a meter away from electronic devices.

Development of Aureen diet has been a long-term process that has proved the use of Aureen in the form of a drink – a mixture of Aureen and water- to be the most optimal. Aureen contains Maple Syrup, Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Sugar Cane Molasses, Organic Coconut Oil, and carefully chosen and extracted herbs – Dioscorea Root, Geranium Stem, Common Scurvy-grass Stem and Blackthorn Flower. Everything in proper ratios and blended in the right order.  We carefully chose ingredients and their suppliers and we regularly check quality levels.

How to use Aureen diet

Decide which main meal you want to replace with Aureen drink (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Leave out any solid food at the time of this main meal. Prepare Aureen drink and drink slowly, in the course of few minutes. We recommend not drinking anything within

30 minutes after drinking Aureen drink, after that start regular water intake consisting of pure, still water.

Heat up 150ml of water (half a cup) to 40°C and pour it into a cup or a glass. If it is possible to drink this water, it means it has the right temperature. Pour 50ml of Aureen supplement (1 scoop) into the cup and mix well. Note – never heat up Aureen suplement, water for preparation of the drink or Aureen drink itself in a microwave or Smart Kettles. (Wifi or Bluetooth kettles) Such devices ruin energy of the drink. Keep Aureen at least 0.5 meters away from electronic devices.

Tips for enhancing Aureen drink

If you leave water for Aureen drink in a container with a wide neck for about 2 hours, chlorine from this water will evaporate and it will have better taste and energy. In our company, we regularly prepare drinking water in this way for the whole day. It is important to drink Aureen drink slowly and in a relaxed state so that we gradually get the feeling of fullness in the stomach.

Calories: 1038kJ / 248kcal
Total Carbohydrates 44,8g
Sugars 37,2g
Protein 0,02g
Total Fat 12,4g
Sodium 0,01g –  only in the form of naturally occurring sodium in the supplement

Where to buy Aureen food supplement

You can buy Aureen food supplement at our e-shop here: Aureen 14-day diet and here: Aureen 28-day diet.