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Divine Way s.r.o.
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Why we do what we do

We enjoy discovering new things and putting them into practice. We consider it our mission – to be able, thanks to this quality, to solve our and other people’s problems (and sometimes even their pets’ problems). We never leave before we completely finish something. Finish something successfully. That is why we have founded Divine Way Company. Our motto is „Acta non verba – Actions speak louder than words“. This is our credo.


Vladislav Travnicek, author of Divine Way technologyIng. Vladislav Trávníček (72)

Ing. Trávníček has been, long-term, concerned with energy. He has studied what is nowadays called nuclear engineering. He has been privately studying quantum mechanics and he intuitively feels that official knowledge of it is incomplete and insufficient. Nowadays, it has been proved that mathematics grounds of a scientist von Neumann, regarding the fact that quantum mechanics doesn’t contain hidden variables, were incorrect. Many basic discoveries have proved the existence of other types of energies besides those that are officially recognized.

Already, at the beginning of the last decade of the previous century, Ing.Trávníček started carrying out experiments that were clearly proving the existence of different type of energy. Energy that he has been researching is, for example, acknowledged in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it affects health of all living organisms. In Divine Way Company, Ing. Trávníček has now been developing and researching new products and technologies that work on principles that he has been concerned with and has been researching for years.


Libor Bednarik, co-owner of Divine WayLibor Bednařík (42)

Libor Bednařík has graduated from Construction Technical College and all his life, he has been working as a businessman. An honest businessman. He likes pragmatic thinking, Asia, karate and unknown types of energy. He suffered from many types of allergies since he was a child and nobody was able to help him get rid of them. They were making his life complicated.  Eventually, Ing. Vladislav Trávníček was able to help him using his unique energy technology. Thanks to his method, he has been able to get rid of allergies completely.  After he tested out that it had worked, he wanted to introduce this technology to people. That is why they have established Divine Way Company together.


Unknown energies seen by nuclear engineer 1/2

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Unknown energies seen by nuclear engineer 2/2

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