About Divine Way

Libor Bednarik, co-owner of Divine Way

Divine Way s.r.o.
K Havlínu 724, 156 00 Prague, Czech republic
IČ: 02608596, DIČ: CZ02608596

Phone: +420 773 135 631
Email: bednarik@divineway.cz

My name is Libor Bednarik and I am a proud co-owner of the company Divine Way s.r.o. My credo is simplicity and straightforwardness. I was born in Prerov and I successfully completed Stredni prumyslova skola stavebni. During my university studies I flew across the Big Pond where I was gaining experience in 1998 and 1999. After my return I got into business.

All my life I have been attracted to Indian Ayurveda and one day I met an Italian-Swiss Ayurvedic doctor. He was taking part in development of energy devices. The purpose of these devices radiating energy was to improve the environment in flats and offices. I was really interested in this and I started selling these devices.

Thanks to these devices I met Ing. Travnicek who had studied little known qualities of energy. His wife told me that he made specially treated water that enhanced the growth of plants.  At that time I suffered from uncomfortable pollen allergies and that is why I got   the idea: If this “miraculous” water can help plants why couldn’t it help me as well?

We made a deal and for 8 months Ing. Travnicek was making special herbal tinctures for me which I was using to “water” myself. The result was not at all immediate – after all I had suffered from my health issues for more than 20 years – but the following allergy season I had no allergy symptoms at all. Can you imagine how happy I was?

After the same treatment helped me to get rid of other health issues I got an idea that I could use this fascinating technology to help other people. We struck a deal and I and Mr. And Mrs. Travnicek found a joint company.