Divine Way – herbal products

At Divine Way, we develop and make herbal products. We enjoy discovering new, unusual things and putting them into practice. We have always been interested in unknown types of energy and their effect on people; something like the discovery of electricity 150 years ago. Later, we had to face our own health issues that nobody was able to help us with. After about 20 years of research, we managed to uncover physical principles of this mysterious energy to such an extent that we were able to permanently get rid of our health problems. Based on our gained knowledge, we have developed Divine Way Technology that works with energy which we now use for production of our herbal products.

At Divine Way we also work with “peculiar” effects on health such as high frequency radiation, geopathic zones, energy of building materials etc. that make us feel unwell, tired, unfocused, forgetful, unproductive (and sick) at home or at work. We have discovered that it is possible to neutralize the effects of these energies with appropriately taken individual technical measures that can make us feel (much) better.

We are also interested in regeneration of devastated agricultural soil because without healthy soil, our civilization can collapse faster that we would expect. Soil is being damaged by many factors, mainly chemical fertilizers, hormonal substances and a high frequency nationwide digital broadcasting signal. The consequences are massive decline of insects and microorganisms resulting in “dying” of soil and nothing being able to grow in it. It is very difficult, but not impossible, to turn such soil into a fertile one. We are currently testing and improving Divine Way Technology for revitalization of soil.


Unknown energies seen by nuclear engineer 1/2

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Unknown energies seen by nuclear engineer 2/2

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